The experimental display used during the pre-test stage

During the MSC pretest, a web page was constructed to display the tree diagram as shown below. It was designed to:

  • Show how all participant’s contributions are organised into different storylines, and
  • Enable participants to navigate their way to and through different storylines. Go to the actual web page here, and hold your mouse steady over a given node, to let the underlying storyline text become visible.

MSC pretest tree

During the pre-test this tree structure was updated manually after the completion of each generation. This was a labour intensive and error-prone process.

The ParEvo display now under development

In the web app now under development a tree diagram will be generated automatically and embedded within the ParEvo webpage. As can be seen in the example below, the storylines tree structure will be visible on the left. Clicking on any node in this structure will be the main means of navigating across and within different storylines. In the center will be a column of text from a selected storyline within the tree. Each of the segments added to the storyline, one per iteration, will be visible through the use of alternate shading. On the right will be comments made about individual segments, by different participants, at the end of each iteration. Clicking on the left/right green arrow buttons at the top of the text provide a second means of navigation, to the adjacent storylines.

In this example, based on the MSC pretest the exercise started out with 11 participants. Because of 4 dropouts, the number of storylines at the 4th iteration went down to 7. Under normal circumstances, the number of participants, and hence surviving storylines, would remain the same from iteration to iteration

screen view

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