Privacy Policy

Updated: 2019 11 08

What information will you need to provide?

To access and use this website users (participants and facilitators) will need to register with the website. You will be asked for:

  • your name and email address

If you are a facilitator, you will also be asked for this information:

  • Telephone or Skype
  • Organisation affiliation
  • Details of exercise

Who will have access to this information?

  • All participants and facilitators information will be stored on the ParEvo website
  • Access to that website is only available to participants authorised by facilitators and facilitators authorised by the administrator.
    • To gain access they will need, and be provided with, a username and password
    • Participants can change their password
    • Participants can have their names and email addresses removed from the website, via request to their facilitator(s)
  • Participants will ONLY have (name and email) information about the facilitator(s) of exercise(s) they participate in.
    • They will not have this information about the other participants, unless this provided by the Facilitator, who must have permission from those other participants
  • Each facilitator will ONLY [check] have access to the name and email addresses of participant’s in the exercises they design and facilitate.
    • All Facilitators will only have access the ParEvo website if they have been, and remain, authorised by the Administrator.
  • The site administrator will have access to ALL the above information, about facilitators and participants

How will your information be used?

  • By the Facilitator to communicate with participants about how and when they need to participate in any exercise, and to track their actual participation.
  • By the Facilitator and Administrator to analyse patterns of participation in any exercise and across multiple exercises.
    • While these analyses may be shared with other parties this will not be done in a way that discloses the identity of individual participants

What will not happen?

  • No information about identifiable individuals will be sold or rented to anyone
  • Email addresses will not be used for communication purposes other than those relating to the purpose of the website

Complaints and concerns and suggestions

  • These should be made to the relevant facilitator in the first instance
  • Then, if needed, to the ParEvo site administrator: