Tuning the ParEvo parameters

Parameters are attributes of the ParEvo process that can be varied. They are of two types

  1. Those participants can vary.
    • Which storyline they decide to add to, in any given iteration
    • The contents of the contributions they make
  2. Those the facilitator can vary
    • The number of participants
    • The types of participants
    • The guidance that is given to participants at the start of each iteration
    • The duration of each iteration
    • The number of iterations

Looking at the process as an evolutionary algorithm, changes can be made to each of the three steps in the algorithm:

  1. Variation:
    1. Who the facilitator allows to contribute to any iteration
    2. The constraints imposed by the Facilitator on the contents of any contribution. These are visible in the text at the top of any Parevo exercise
  2. Selection
    1. The number of contributions a participant can make within any iteration. The default is one per iteration.
  3. Retention
    1. The type of existing storylines that can be built on by participants within a given iteration. The default is only those storylines that were built on within the previous iteration.