List of ParEvo exercises

Pre-app development (< mid-2019)

  1. “A student leaves school at the end of the year…” A classroom exercise with 10 secondary school students in Swansea, Wales, circa 1995, described here.
  2. The implementation of Most Significant Change impact monitoring by a development project in northern Nigeria
  3. Brexit Britain – after failing to reach an exit agreement by March 31st, 2019

Post-app development (> mid-2019)

  1. Climate change developments in the year 2020 and onwards
  2. The future of storytelling
  3. What the near future looks like for Clear Horizon (consulting firm)
    • Not completed, distraction by other events
  4. Climate change post-2020: 7 participants, multiple countries

Until now these exercises have all been aimed at:

  1.  Testing out the app, to find where and how it could be improved.
  2. Accumulating knowledge about appropriate exercise design, that facilitators could make use of.