List of ParEvo exercises

Pre-app development (< mid-2019)

  1. “A student leaves school at the end of the year…” A classroom exercise with 10 secondary school students in Swansea, Wales, circa 1995, described here.
    • 10 participants (secondary school students), no dropouts
    • 4 iterations, 40 contributions
    • Anonymised data analysis
  2. The implementation of Most Significant Change impact monitoring by a development project in northern Nigeria
  3. Brexit Britain – after failing to reach an exit agreement by March 31st, 2019

Post-app development (> mid-2019)

  1. Climate change developments in the year 2020 and onwards
  2. The future of storytelling
  3. What the near future looks like for Clear Horizon (consulting firm)
    • Not completed, distraction by other events
  4. Climate change developments over the next decade
    • 7 volunteer participants, part of a Community of Practice. 2 dropouts
    • 7 iterations, 37 contributions
    • Now accessible on a ParEvo view
    • Anonymised data analysis
  5. ODI – Intersecting crises: Coronavirus plus
  6. (Private) Scenario planing 2020 
    • 10 participants, all from one organisation. No dropouts
    • 8 iterations, 78 contributions
    • A ParEvo of the storylines is not publicly available
    • Anonymised data analysis
  7. Alternate futures for the USA 2020+

Until now these exercises have all been aimed at:

  1.  Testing out the app, to find where and how it could be improved.
  2. Accumulating knowledge about appropriate ways of designing an exercise, which facilitators could make use of.
  3. Identifying different ways of analysing the data that is generated
  4. Identifying ways of generating / identifying implications for action