Open ParEvo

Open ParEvo is a new and different way of running a ParEvo exercise.

It is currently in the design stage, it has not yet been implemented. The design of the intended process is given below. Comments and advice on how this could be made clearer or improved in anyway would be appreciated.

The role of participants

  • There is no pre-selection of participants prior to the beginning of an exercise.
  • People observing an Open ParEvo exercise can decide if and when they want to participate. They may participate in some iterations but not in others
    • There is no need for participants to register as a ParEvo user, as is normally the case.
  • The maximum number of people who can participate in a given iteration is defined by the Facilitator and made clear to all from the beginning.
  • In each iteration participants’ contributions are accepted by the Facilitator on a first-come first-served basis. When the maximum number has been reached, no further contribtions are accepted.
    • The Facilitator may create exceptions to this rule. For example, allowing anyone whose contributions were built on by others in the previous iteration to be prioritised as participants in the next iteration
  • When people participate in an exercise they participate on the same basis as in a normal ParEvo exercise. For example, they can only make one contribution per iteration

The role of the facilitator

  • All contributions by participants are channelled through the Facilitator, by ordinary email.
  • The Facilitator then posts those contributions on the specific exercise page using neutral contributor IDs which have already been set up by the SuperAdmin, which are used and seen only by the Facilitator
  • The Facilitator should keep records of which neutral ID is given to which participant in which iteration. This will enable analysis of participation at a later date.
  • Participants access to the exercise will be through the Observer link, which needs to be made available from the beginning to all those that Facilitator would like to encourage to participate.