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Publications about ParEvo

Ideas that influenced the design of ParEvo

1998 PhD thesis

Davies, R.J. (1998) Order and Diversity: Representing and Assisting Organisational Learning in Non-Government Aid Organisations. Ph.D Thesis. Centre for Development Studies, University of Wales – Swansea

“Other potential applications of the evolutionary algorithm have been identified. One is the participatory development of past project histories (or future project plans) in the form of evolving branching structures of narrative. Participants would choose which branch-end to add a next step in the story. New branches would emerge where an existing branch was added to by more than one participant. Branches would die out where no new additions were placed there by participants. Such constructions could capture something of the contentious nature of history and the way in which it is socially constructed” Page 337.

Influences on the thesis

  • Campbell, Donald T. 1960. “Blind Variation and Selective Retentions in Creative Thought as in Other Knowledge Processes.” Psychological Review 67 (6): 380–400. and…
  • Bateson, Gregory. 1979. “Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity” . Dutton.
    • “Information consists of differences that make a difference” p99.…

Research on diversity

Research on Collective Intelligence

Research on scenario planning methods

The use of fiction in scenario planning

Evolutionary theory and artificial life


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