Take part in this experiment now…

ParEvo exercise: Covid Britain: July 2020 onwards

This is an experiment, it is not how a normal ParEvo exercise works. 

This exercise is different, as follows:

  • Membership of this exercise is open-ended. No prior registration is needed, and you can cease participating at any point in time, and rejoin at any point in time
  • Unlike normal exercises, you can’t enter any text directly onto that site.  Instead, you need to email me your contribution instead: rick.davies@gmail.com
  • A maximum of ten contributions will be accepted per iteration. They will be the first ten contributions that are received at my email address above, after the seat of each new iteration.
  • A new iteration will begin soon as ten contributions have been received for the previous iteration.

However, as with normal ParEvo exercises, there will be some filtering – no abusive or offensive contributions will be accepted, nor any other contributions that don’t fit within the guidance provided on the exercise page. 

This link will take you to an “observer” view of the ParEvo exercise that I’ve just set up: https://parevo.org/exercise/covid-britain-july-2020-onwards   


  • Read through the additional guidance at the top, then
  • Read the seed text (“Storlyine 0” ) , then
  • Draft what you think would be a good follow on paragraph, saying what happens next, then
  • Email the new paragraph to rick.davies@gmail.com